Standard VX Belt Filter Presses

The construction of VX belt filter presses reflects our years of experience with development, production and operation of belt filter presses for dewatering of various types of municipal and industrial sludges.

Gravity zone of the VX filter press is unusually long, longer than the gravity zone of a filter press with a comparable capacity from a different manufacturer. VX is capable of dewatering sludges with very low solids content (app. 1%) and with solids content with
time-varying characteristics at the input of the filter press. In order to increase the sludge solids content at the input of the press, it is not necessary to connect a thickener to the dewatering line, as had been the case with certain applications. Thanks to the unique construction of the belt filter, the gravity zone extends over the upper and the lower belt. The sludge is turned over at the end of the upper belt and transported to the clean lower belt, where the gravity zone continues. While the sludge is being turned over, the filtrate that could possibly be captured on the surface of the sludge cake on the upper belt, is drained. Sludge without free liquids is then transported to the wedge zone.

Pásový lis klasický VX Pásový lis klasický VX Pásový lis klasický VX



Benefits of VX belt filter presses:

  • 6 m long gravity zone enables dewatering of sludge with low solids content (about 1%) and time-varying solids content at the entry to the press.
  • Filtered water from the press or drainage water from wastewater treatment plants can be used to rinse the belt, which decreases the volume of technological water needed.
  • A number of press parts (launders, feed hoppers, covers, etc.) are made of corrosion resistant materials (stainless steel, plastic).
  • The independent drive without transmission of the upper and the lower belt ensures flawless machine operation and excellent runnability of the belt. The belt moves fluidly and belt deformation, which usually leads to the fabric damage, is no longer a problem.
  • Speed of the belt can be adjusted by a frequency converter.
  • The jointing material is made of stainless steel.
  • All press parts can be made of stainless steel.
  • Output cake solids content of municipal sludge reaches 18–35%.

We can produce belt filter presses of various dimensions, see table below.



Performance of the press depends on the type of sludge, flocculant and filter fabric used and the operator.

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