VT High-Pressure Belt Filter Presses

VT high-pressure belt filter presses are the best choice for dewatering of fibrous sludges (e.g. in the paper industry) or pulp.

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Main benefits of using VT high-pressure belt filter presses:

  • Thanks to two 6 m long gravity zones, it is possible to dewater even sludges with 1% solids content. It is not necessary to connect a thickener to the dewatering line and therefore purchase and operating costs decrease.
  • Long gravity (6 m) and pressing (3 m) zones enable a thick layer of sludge to gather, necessary for reaching a high solids content of the filtered sludge.
  • Unique construction of the active high-pressure zone with press cylinders – that also work as a drive – allows the machine to develop an extreme pressure force even at low filter belt tension. The pressure force can increase up to the maximum moment of torsion of the pressure cylinders. (If you are increasing the pressure force on standard high-pressure belt filter presses, it is also necessary to increase the belt tension to avoid slipping. On the other hand, pressure force is limited by the resistance to tensile stress of the belt. It is best to use an endless belt with a woven seam.)
  • Since VT high-pressure belt filter presses can work even at low belt tension, spiral fabrics with removable seam can be used. Installing a new fabric with a removable seam is easier and takes less time than installing a new endless belt. Woven endless belts with the woven seam are two times more expensive than spiral fabrics.
  • VT high-pressure belt filter presses, where spiral fabrics with a removable seam can be installed, have a simpler construction than common high-pressure belt filter presses. The latter require the Cantilever system for installation of an endless belt. Thanks to their simple construction, the purchase cost of VT high-pressure presses is significantly lower than the price of standard belt filter presses while reaching comparable parameters of the output solids content.

Based on the pressing test of the paper sludge or pulp, we can fairly accurately estimate the output solids on a real filter press.

Approximate performance parameters for dewatering of paper sludge: